Updated: Oct. 11, 2021     Subject to change

* Registration is at the Kid's playground area, southwest of Tent City.

* Coaches, return ALL chips in your original envelope to the registration table.

* Only Coaches and Runners allowed in the Start area.

* Runners must be at the starting line 5 minutes prior to your race time. Listen for starter to tell you when to approach the start line.

* Starting blocks have been assigned.

* The athletic trainer is near the finish line.

* Course is well marked.

* Please pick up all garbage around your team tent before you leave.

* There is No Smoking at AHSAA High School sporting events.

* Restrooms are available: Behind the soccer concession stand, Behind the KIDS DUGOUT just west of the parking area, and At the concession stand at the North baseball pod.

* Stay out of the area inbetween the pool and tennis courts.

* Results will be posted on the white trailer near the registration area.

* All coaches, family members, non-current runners, and spectators must stay off of the race course and out of the finish chute. Keep the course clear at all times.

* Please be aware of your surroundings and make room for emergency personnel trying to get runners out of the course.

* The Athens Parks and Recreation Sportsplex has plenty of parking and restroom facilities.

* Concession stand will be open!

* Special T-shirts on sale today. These are different from the awards shirts. Near concession area.

AWARDS: (No Ceremony)

      Coaches pickup as soon as possible after your races complete.

* There will be 8 separate divisions scored.
    A-3A JVG,   4A-7A JVG,   A-3A VG,   4A-7A VG
    A-3A JVB,   4A-7A JVB,   A-3A VB,   4A-7A VB

* T-Shirts
  - Top 15 in each Varsity Div.
  - Top 10 in each JV Div.

* Awards
  - Top 3 Individuals in each Division receive a keychain medal.

* Team Trophies
  - Top 3 Teams in each Varsity Div.
  - Top 2 Teams in each Jr Varsity Div.

* Awards can be picked up after the results of each race are posted (near the concession area).


Coach:  Bill Murrell

School: 256-232-3525  ext-229

Cell:      256-777-3980