For those of you that don't understand what we're all about:

Our Main Mission Statement is to play Family Friendly Music.

There is a lot of bad music out there these days. We strive to play all of the good ol' family friendly songs from the past that you never had to worry about, and as much of today's music as possible. We play the good new ones, plus we spend a lot of time cleaning up some of today's music. We don't play it all, but we clean up the ones that I feel aren't so bad. Not only do I clean up BAD words, but I clean up the suggestable stuff too. Unfortunately if we didn't do that, we'd be left without a lot of newer stuff to play. It's also part of our mission to show the young folks that you can listen to the same songs without all of the bad stuff in them.

For those of you that don't get it, or assume that you're hearing something that You're Not, you need to re-listen, because you probably aren't hearing what you think you're hearing. You're probably used to hearing the original version of said songs and are just assuming we are like all of the other DJ's, but WE ARE NOT. Unfortunately there ARE a lot of bad DJ's out there that don't care What they play, but WE DO. I don't like being lumped into the same category as other DJ's. I am not like the other DJ's.

I retired early from my regular 40 hr job, to focus on the DJ business during my latter years (as I was having to turn down a lot of weekday business back then). One main reason I retired early to focus on DJing full time, is after talking with a lot of my regular teacher clients, they wanted me to be able to stay in the business as long as possible because I DON'T PLAY all of the bad stuff.

Also, understand I can't help if the kids are gonna have the words in their minds anyway. Had a parent tell me that before. That's not my fault. That's the kids. I can't help WHAT they are thinking. IF that's really something for me to be responsible for, then you could put bad words in your head for every song out there. I might as well quit playing music.

So, if you have a problem with our music where there isn't a problem,
all I can tell you is to not listen, OR
Go listen to the other DJ's, then come back and hear the difference.